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thumbnail of Sisters Talk book coverFeature Book for sale: Sisters Talk

Sisters Talk - Sisters Sexually Abused By Their Brothers. Edited by Gillian Marie. These books cost $15.00 including GST, postage and packaging. All proceeds go towards running support groups for womyn survivors of sexual violence. Download the Invoice/Payment slip here for purchasing details. Alternatively you can call us directly on 03 4741592.

Feature Video: Shari and Joe’s Big Night Out

Video cover Shari and Joe's big night outShari and Joe’s Big Night Out is a 16 minute drama exploring the issues of date rape for young people.

Shari and Joe have been dating for the last year.  But their good friendship has been jeopardized by events at a friend’s party.  Through flashbacks and interviews, we see how their differing attitudes and actions have contributed to their painful dilemma.

Date rape is a major problem for young people, with over half of teenage rape survivors being sexually assaulted by a date or boyfriend.  This video has been produced to raise the awareness of young people about the issues around date or acquaintance rape.

This 16 minute video is suitable for education sessions involving young people aged between 13-18 years, and should be accompanied by the Facilitator’s Guide.

The video is accompanied by a facilitators guide and costs $30 plus postage and packaging. Call us. Ph 03 4741592.

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Other Books Available

Each topic lists the book title, author and any relevant sub topic. All these books are available in the Dunedin office and can be borrowed.

Main Topics

  1. Rape
  2. Sexual Violence
  3. Child Sexual Abuse
  4. Legal
  5. Youth
  6. Health
  7. Grief
  8. Feminist
  9. Lesbian
  10. Bisexuality

1. Rape

Lucky   autobiography
Date Rape and Aquaintance Rape   date rape
I Never Called It Rape   date rape
Getting to Peace   healing
Proud of Me   HIV&s.violence
Rape Survivors Legal Guide   legal
Against Our Will    
Free of the Shadows Caren Adams & Jennifer Fay  
Kathryn Miller, Kathryn  
Sexual Violence The Womens Press  
Quest for Respect Braswell, Linda  
The Face of the Rapist Shapcott, David  
The other side of Rape Wilson,Paul R.  

2. Sexual Violence back to top

Garlands from ashes Grace, Sonja. church
Whistle Blower Deans, Louise church
How Dangerous Men Think Brent Sanders date rape
Amongst Ourselves Alderman, Tracy ritual abuse
Multiple Personality Gift:.... Pia, Jacklyn ritual abuse
Ritual Abuse Smith, Margaret ritual abuse
Satanic Ritual Abuse & Multiple Personality Disorder: Hector, Holly ritual abuse
Sexual Assault of Children and Adolecents Wolbert Burgess, Ann,  
Sexual Dynamics of History London Feminist group  
Sexual Shakedown Farley, Lin  
Sexual Violence to Women & Children Victoria University  
Sexuality O.U.S.A  

3. Child Sexual Abuse back to top

Child Abuse Trauma Breir, John counselling
Healing the Incest Wound Courtois, Christine counselling
Courage to Heal Workbook: Davis, Laura healing
Courage to Heal: Davis, Laura & Bass,Ellen healing
Cry Hard and Swim Spring, Jacqueline healing
Rescuing the Inner Child Parks, Penny healing
Triumph Over Darkness Wood, Wendy Ann, healing
Warriors of Truth McGregor, Kim healing
Father/Daughter Rape Ward, Elizabeth incest
Father-Daughter Incest Herman, Judith Lewis incest
My Fathers House Sylvia Fraser incest
Sisters Talk Various - (ed) Gillian Marie incest
This is about Incest Randall, Margaret incest
Why My Child? Briggs, Freda whanau
You and Your Child,  for Parents of Chn Sexually Abused Beth Parker, Health & Community Services, Vic Govt. whanau
Beginning to Heal Bass, Ellen & Davis, Laura  
Child Sexual Abuse Briggs, Freda  
Child Sexual Abuse within the Family CIBA Foundation  
Conspiracy of Silence Butler, Sandra  
For your Child's Sake Saphira, Miriam  
Frances Ann Speaks Out Chetin, Helen  
He told me not to tell. Fay, Jennifer  
Healing Hidden Memories Williams, Mary Jnae  
Helping Abused Children Kehoe, Patricia  
Helping your Child to be Safe King County Rape Relief  
I Never Told  Anyone Bass, Ellen & Thornton, Louise  
Reach for the Rainbow Finney, Lynne  
Secrets in the Family Pincus & Dare  
Silent Scream Janssen, Martha  
Stopping Child Abuse Saphira, Miriam  
Survivors, Experiences of CSA & Healing Hopkins, K  
The Hidden Legacy Hamilton, Barbara Small  
The sexual Abuse of Children Saphira, Miriam  
Tricia's Song Reynolds, Trish  
Understanding Children's Sex. Behaviour. Cavanagh-Johnson,Toni  
Unofficial Secrets Campbell, Beatrix  
What Society Does to Girls Nicholson, Joyce  
When you're Ready Evert & Bijkerk  

4. Legal back to top

Women and the Law in NZ Tapp & Wilson  

5. Youth back to top

Sexual Assault :Info. for Boys. Goulburn Valley Centre healing
Two teenagers in 20 Heron, Ann ed sexuality
Out In The Open:... Bain & Sanders  
Period Gardner-Loulan, Joann etal  
Something is wrong at my house Davis & Megale  
Stop Sexual Harrassment Women's Conference  
It's OK to say No:Activity Book Ayers & James children
It's OK to say No:Colouring Book Ayers & James children
Katies Yukky Problem Morgan,Lynda children
What's wrong with Bottoms. Hessell, Jenny children
Greater expectations:.... Szirom & Dyson education
Lets Talk about Feeling Safe. Sanders, Pete education
Daniel and his therapist Morgan, Linda healing
It Happenedto Me:.... Health & Community Ser healing
It happens To Boys Too... J. Satullo, R. Russell, P. Bradway healing
It's My Body Freeman, Lory healing
Megan's Secret Morgan, Lynda healing
Too Close for Comfort Hayward & Carlyle healing
Young Abuse Survivors' Rights Youth Law Project legal
A Very Touching Book Hindman, Jan  
Talking back to Sexual Pressure: Powell, Elizabeth  
The Middle Bridge Jennings, Sheryl  
When I Say No, I Mean No!!! Rape Education Group  

6. Health back to top

Understanding Abortion Pipes, Mary abortion
Anger Workbook Bilodeau, Lorraine anger
Dance of Anger Lerner, Harriet anger
Women, Anger & Depression Frankel, Lois anger
Anxiety and Phobia Workbook Bourne, Edmund, T. anxiety/stress
Coping With Crises Parry, Glenys anxiety/stress
In a Time of Crisis Taylor & Silva anxiety/stress
Instant Calm Wilson, Paul anxiety/stress
Relaxation &Stress Reduction... Davis,Martha. et al., anxiety/stress
Surviving. Coping with a Life Crisis Montgomery, B & Morris,L anxiety/stress
Boundaries: Where you end & I begin Katherine, Anne assertiveness
Creative Control Bell, Andrew assertiveness
No Is a Complete Sentance LeBoutillier, Megan assertiveness
Self Defence for Women Lytollis, Sue assertiveness
Using Your Brain for a CHANGE Bandler, Richard assertiveness
You Can Communicate Barrow, Iris assertiveness
Brainstorming The Blues Nelson, D & Smith, J depression
Depression Workbook Copeland, Mary Ellen depression
Shadow on a Tightrope:.. Schoenfielder &Wieser depression
Unfinished Business Scarf, Maggie depression
Anorexic Experience Lawrence, Marilyn eating
Hunger Strike Orbach, Susie eating
The Web Furley, Deborah eating
A Women in you own Right Dickson, Anne feminist
Body Politics Henley, Nabcy feminist
Fat is a Feminist Issue 2 Orbach, Susie feminist
Mother Wit Mariechild, Diane feminist
Our Blood Dworkin, Andrea feminist
Pagan Meditations Paris, Ginette feminist
Tearing the Veil:.. Lipshitz, Susan (ed) feminist
The New Our Bodies Ourselves. Boston Women's Health feminist
The Unfortunate Experiment Coney, Sandra feminist
Women & Welfare Work Penny Ehrhardt feminist
Working Women:... Inder, Brigid feminist
Choice Guide to Birth Control. Kane, Penny& Porter, John healing
Consumer Guide to Birth Control. Kane, P., & Sparrow, M healing
Healthly Living Over 55 Mitchell, Laura healing
Healthy Women Calvert, Sarah healing
Herpes, AIDS.... Llewellyn-Jones, Derek healing
Ill Conceived:.... Brookes,Jocelyn healing
In Our experience:... Krzowski &Land (eds) healing
In Our Own Hands:.... Ernst & Goodison healing
Menopause Mackenzie, Raewyn healing
Transformation Soup Sark healing
Homophobia:... Pharr, Suzanne homophobia
Toxic Psychiatry Breggin, Peter mental health
Dilemma of Dementia Millen, Julia mental health
Mental Health for Women Haines, Hilary mental health
Healing Wise Weed, Susan natural
What's Wrong with You? Hall, Dorothy natural
All My Fault, Why Women Don't Leave
Abusive Men
Glass, Dee Dee relationship
Beyond Codependency Beattie Melody relationship
Co-Dependence Wilson-Schaef, Anne relationship
Dance of Intimacy Lerner, Harriet relationship
Fresh Start Women's Refuge relationship
Invisible wounds Douglas, Kay relationship
Scream Quietly or the Neighbours... Pizzey, Erin relationship
The Mirror Within Dickson, Anne sexuality
From Behind the Front Mary Benson substance abuse
Give and Take Women's Working Party... substance abuse
Our Shout: Women and Alcohol Warren, Helen et al., substance abuse
Trouble with Tranquillisers Release Publications substance abuse
Women Under the Influence McConville, Brigid substance abuse
Allies In Healing Davis, Laura whanau
Family Virtues Guide Popov, Linda Kavelin whanau
Ghosts In the Bedroom Graber,Ken whanau
Our Right to Choose Harrison, Beverly., W  
Pre-Menstral Tension:... Lever, Judy et al.,  
The Mindbenders Lader, Malcolm  
The Power is Within You Hay, Louise  
Whose Body Is It? Faulder, Carolyn  

7. Grief back to top

Coming To Grief Pam Heaney loss

8. Feminist back to top

Healing Voices Laidlae,Malmo and Associates Healing approaches
Woman Angier, Natalie  

9. Lesbian back to top

Dreams and Swords Forrest, Katherine, V.
Dykes to watch out For. Bechdel, Alison
Affirming Diversity. An Educ Resource on Gay,
Lesbian, Bisexual Orientations
S. Liggins, A. Willie, S. Hawthorne, L. Rampton
And then I met this woman Casingham & O'Neil
Beginnings ed Elder, Lindsey
Beyond Acceptance Griffin Carolyn, et al.,
Coming Out Stories Stanley & Wolfe (eds)
Different Daughters. Rafkin, Louise (ed)
Free Your Mind Bass & Kaufman
Gay and Lesbian Self Esteem Book Nardin, Kimeron
I Will not Serve Mahyere, Eveline
Lavender Annual Saphira, Miriam
Lesbian Couples Clunis, D.M& Green G.D.
Lesbian Nation Johnston, Jill
Lesbian Passion Loulan, JoAnn
Lesbian Sex Loulan, Joann
Lesbians at Midlife Eds- Sang,Warshaw,Smith
Lesbians Talk Safer Sex Susan O'sullivan & Pratibha Parmar
Loving in Fear Queer Press Collective
Mother Bound Johnson, Jill
Naming the Violence:... Lobel, Kerry (ed)
New Lesbian Literature 1980-88 Saphira, Miriam
No Turning Back:.... Goodman, Gerre et al.,
October Obsession More, Meredith
Permanent Patners Berzon, Betty
Sassafrass, Cypress & Indigo Shange, Ntozake
Surpassing the love of Men Faderman, Lillian
The Lesbian Heresy Jeffreys, Sheila
Unbroken Ties:... Becker, Carol, S.
Wild Desires & Mistaken Identities O'Connor & Ryan

10. Bisexuality back to top

Bi any other name Hutchins & Kaahumanu
Vice Versa Garber, Marjorie
Dual Attraction Weinberg,Williams,Pryor
Representing BiSexualities Hall & Pramaggiore