Welcome to Rape Crisis Dunedin

** Please note: our new website is under construction! Because we are in development, please keep in mind that some of the information on our website may be out of date. **

Rape Crisis Dunedin is a non-profit, community agency run by a number of dedicated paid workers and volunteers — who support women and non-binary survivors of sexual violence progress towards healing. Rape Crisis Dunedin employs three part-time counsellors, as well as a financial administrator, a funding and resource coordinator, a community education worker and an administrative assistant. The education worker works alongside the other women on the Collective to design educational workshops and initiatives to educate the community about the effects of sexual violence on women and children.

Rape Crisis is not a crisis only service. Many of our clients are survivors of historical rape; our organisation provides counselling to women who have suffered from sexual violence, whether it has occurred recently or in the past.

The women at Rape Crisis Dunedin are of varying ethnicities and come from a variety of backgrounds. All Rape Crisis workers have been trained specifically to work in the area of sexual violence and are constantly updating and developing their skills and knowledge through training workshops. All workers regularly attend supervision to ensure that they are providing the best possible service for clients, while obtaining the support they need.

Rape Crisis Dunedin works on a collective principle which means that all the women on the Collective are involved in any decision making that takes place regarding the running of Rape Crisis – financial and otherwise. 

Aims/How we work


Rape Crisis Dunedin abides by the above philosophy when counselling survivors of sexual abuse. The collective members at Rape Crisis all share the beliefs of empathy, aroha, warmth, and genuineness. We believe that women are powerful and know how best to meet their own needs. The Rape Crisis philosophy of counselling is derived from our feminist base. We see the counselling/support relationship as a partnership in which the Rape Crisis worker facilitates a process of allowing the client to move at her own pace and, in the counselling situation, to structure her own healing journey. At Rape Crisis we encourage self-determination and support clients progress at their own pace. This process gives the client control, and enables them to direct the intensity of their healing process.

The counsellors at Rape Crisis acknowledge and affirm how courageous it is for survivors of sexual violence to tell their stories and respect how each survivor chooses to use her resources. Some women decide to take the perpetrator to court, while others decide against this option. Rape Crisis supports women in whatever decisions that they may take regarding their own healing process.

Another role of Rape Crisis is to affirm lesbian and bisexual women. Lesbian and bisexual women have played a very strong role in founding and shaping Rape Crisis as an organisation that fights against violence and oppression of women. Rape Crisis endeavours to create a safe and comfortable place for lesbian and bisexual women to come as clients and to work as part of the Collective . The commitment to affirm and support lesbian and bisexual women is written into the documents which define and govern Rape Crisis, such as the Constitution, Competency Guidelines, and Code of Practice. For Rape Crisis women, there must be a strong commitment to affirm and support lesbian and bisexual women and maintain the Collective as a safe place for lesbian and bisexual women to be out.